A new cycling experience

Welcome to MindBodyBike. Our aim is simple.To allow you to engage in the joy of riding a bike in a deeper and more profound way. Cycling has huge benefits for the health of both the body and the mind.

Consequently we ask you to join us in an adventure that will enhance and enlighten the way you see your relationship with the bike, with the landscape and with yourself. Whether it be an Introduction day, Development days or one of our Retreats, we address all the relevant factors related to improving your cycling.

MindBodyBike experiences range from a single day on the cycling mecca island of Mallorca to week long retreats in the French alps all delivered in the very best accommodation.

It is vital for us here at MindBodyBike to help you paint a picture of yourself as a rider. To get started visit our  membership page and answer a few questions to allow us to understand how we can work with you to enhance the magic and the beauty evident in the simple act of riding a bike.

We look forward to sharing our passion for cycling with you soon.

Tony & Richard

The MindBodyBike founders

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Crucial to any positive outcome is a clear definition of what type of rider you want to become. We take the time to help our members develop this clarity.


We show you how to get the best from your body. Technique, position and power undeniably influence performance. We take you through routines and show you ways that will improve your comfort, endurance, efficiency and ultimately enjoyment.


The bike is the connecting mechanism between you and the environment. We focus on a thorough understanding and empathy of how to get the best out of your equipment.